Cozy Crowded Close Combat Corridors

The starting hub for id’s Quake as viewed in QuakeSpasm 0.93.0

Is this thing on?

I think its time for me to write some words about Quake. It’s pretty good, y’know?

Quake turned 21 this year. Which is good. I’m sure it could use a drink or two after the life its led. Imagine 21 years of slipgate after portal after slipgate… fighting hordes of Knights, Grunts, and Demons with Shamblers and Vores peppered throughout. The halls of each fortress and base coming to life to put an end to your mission.


Silver Key hallway in E1M2 – “Castle of The Damned”. As you move through the hallway, a door drops revealing a small horde of knights protecting a button.

After 21 years though, it’s safe to say these living fortresses have become a second home for many. Bunny hopping through the hallways mowing down hordes of Quakes Lovecraftian inspired bestiary. This is only made more prevalent by the mapping community which is still pumping out fresh Quake content, all these years later.

Its nearing the end of 2017 and we’ve seen almost 100 Q1SP maps this year alone. I feel it’s safe to say Quake has the potential to live another 21 years, and we’ll be seeing plenty more cozy crowded close combat corridors. With mods like Quoth and Arcane Dimensions expanding upon the Quake bestiary and giving new tools to mappers. Compiling tools like ericw’s. Engine ports like QuakeSpasm and MarkV. Level editors like JACK and Trenchbroom.

2017-12-20 03_32_36-ad_necrokeep_study.map_ - TrenchBroom viewed through Trenchbroom2 RC4

With more than enough tools at hand, Quake is yet to see its peak. What will 2018 have in store for us?


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