Emenius Sleepus


The main goal of this speedmap was to explore the “Base” texture set. I also spent a little time learning Wally to make a few textures.

The player has two objectives:

  • Get the Gold Key
  • Shutdown the server

There is one major design element of note within this map, the buttons/doors.

spasm0081.pngThere are 3 doors in this map. Two are button operated and the third is opened with a Gold Key.

Without the buttons, the monsters would open the doors during combat and hurt the pacing. Beyond this first door(on the left in the screenshot) is a second set of monsters that would over run the player if the door was opened during combat with the first set of monsters.

I then carried this button over to the second door to remain consistent thematically.

A vicious dog protects access to the Gold Key…
The Gold Key is visible from the start and gives the player a goal immediately after spawning in


spasm0085Less of a level design element and more of an environment design element is the fact that the outdoor light fixtures are all yellow while the interior lights are blue.

Although the map is small and the spaces are quite distinct from one another, I felt it important to distinguish interior areas from exterior in some way.