Quake Level Design

All levels are made using TrenchBroom and are listed from newest to oldest.

(WIP) Click a level title to read a design write-up.

“Funnel of Contempt”

My entry to the DM4 Jam features lots of terrain and, to match the theme of DM4, lots of lava.

“Disengage the Simulator”

What started as a “de_dust” textured map doodle turned into a frantic paced, heavily scripted slaughtermap with plantable bombs and bomb sites and…What song is that?

“The Drowning a City Fell Victim To”

Confined to a 1024×1024 unit play area, this map has a focus on reusing and revisiting areas.

“Starved Rock”

Yet another speed map but 48 hours instead of the usual 24. Heavily inspired by the work of Simon “sock” O’Callaghan. (see: The Forgotten Sepulcher)

“TrenchBroom Warfare”

Another map made in 24 hours. Unfortunately I fell ill in the latter half of development and the level suffers slightly as a result. Name is a nod to my level editor of choice, TrenchBroom.

Stress Induced Coprophagia

Made for “Map Jam 9”, a jam held to commemorate 15 years of “Contract Revoked“.

Emenius Sleepus

My second Quake map. As it was part of a “Speed Map Jam”, this was made in under 24hrs.

Sacrifice Unto Sebek

My first Quake map release.